We, our story

The Unpredictable is a brand, an inspiration, a state of mind.

Created in June 2020 by Marie Baca, L'Imprévisible is a French jewelry brand and more precisely Rouennaise.

Marie wanted to create a brand with jewels that look like her, Unpredictable jewels just like her. The Unpredictable is a bit like his state of mind, a desire to move forward without looking back and to act in the present moment.

L'Imprévisible offers gold and silver jewelry in stainless steel. Our jewels are selected by us from our European suppliers, others are the fruit of our evolution and are designed by ourselves. We are always looking for the best materials to offer you quality at affordable prices, to satisfy you. Our jewels are unisex and adapt to everyone. ​

Marie chose first names to name her jewelry, these first names are those of her relatives, she wanted her brand to look like her to the end. A first name, a stone, a design, a knit, a jewel, and above all a story. ​

L'Imprévisible online was a huge success in just 3 months, thousands of buyers were won over by this fact, we opened our first store in Rouen where it all began to continue the adventure in physics with you.