The story begins in January 2022, a year and a half of entrepreneurship is behind us and we have this strong desire to create our own jewelry, unique and in our image.

During this same period we are in the process of moving on the way to the opening of our first store. This desire to go back a year and a half to the time when our jewelry was handmade, came to us from a strong moment of nostalgia.

Everything had changed we could no longer make our jewelry by hand and ourselves given the increasingly large and regular clientele, this would have represented hundreds of hours of work, from this reflection we deduced that we had to embark on the crazy adventure of designing our creations.

May 2020: creation of L'Imprévisible and first handmade collection

From the idea to the finished jewelry it takes about 6 months. Let's start with the theme: we started with a flower and a square from there we designed 12 jewels. For a first collection we wanted intergenerational jewelry, which could reach all of our customers without whom we would never have been able to get here and reach this moment of consecration in our environment: creating our jewelry from A to Z .

We already had an advantage: that of already knowing our manufacturing plant with whom we were already working as a supplier before. This is an incredible team who knew how to give us the best advice for the dimensions of our creations, for the choice of Zircons as well as for the 3D production of our drawings.

April 2022: 3D modeling of the "Determination" ring and the motif present on the "Chance" ring, the "Bewitching" necklace and the "Wonder" bracelet

Following these models we validated the project, the collection was launched, followed by months of waiting to finally receive the first jewels at the beginning of June, two weeks before the release of the collection. We had never been so rushed. We had barely two weeks to carry out a shoot, the product shot packs, the descriptions, the choice of the names of the jewels, the communication as well as the teasing of an exceptional collection like this one.

We had to postpone the release of the latter by a week to finally release it on June 18, 2022. We decided to name the jewels with words that marked our two years spent with L'Imprévisible: "Ambition", " Perseverance", "Determination", "Creativity", "Luck", "Madness", "Passion", "Audacity", "Fidelity", "Distrust", "Bewitching", and "Wonder" .

We therefore put it online on June 18, 2022 , in addition to releasing our first creations, we offered photos from a professional shoot as well as more complete product sheets, this date marks a real turning point for our brand.

June 2022: Official photo of the collection with the pack shots of this collection.

This collection was a great success and was very well received, which sincerely motivated us to continue in this voice. No one would imagine such a rise, we started from a site of ten jewels to release after 2 years a collection entirely created by ourselves. Believe in your dreams.