Charms are great, but semi-precious stones are better! Just for our readers, here are the virtues of our "precious hearts" charms from our personalization range.

The different "precious heart" charms



  • Would bring love and self-confidence;
  • Reduce ulcers and hypertension;
  • Soothe stress;
  • Facilitate breathing;
  • Promotes falling asleep;
  • Contribute to reduce headaches;
  • Regenerates the skin.

The African Turquoise

  • Would bring balance in your life and give you a more optimistic outlook on life;
  • Promotes self-acceptance;
  • Contribute to reduce headaches;
  • Appease excessive temperaments;
  • Relieves skin problems.


    • Soothes anxieties and anger;
    • Stimulates creativity, imagination and clarity;
    • Brings to mental calm;
    • Helps fight addictions (alcohol, tobacco);
    • Purifies the rooms of the house;
    • Accompanies muscle relaxation;
    • Relieves headaches.


    • Brings inner peace;
    • Strengthens courage;
    • Promotes communication;
    • Fight against depression;
    • Improves joint pain;
    • Relieves respiratory problems.

    Pink Quartz

    • Brings love, peace and self-confidence;
    • Reduces ulcers and hypertension;
    • Facilitates breathing;
    • Promotes falling asleep;
    • Helps reduce headaches;
    • Regenerates the skin;
    • Soothes stress.

      blue sand

      • Reduces depression, emotional conflicts;
      • Promotes creativity and enhances expression;
      • Develops telepathy, intuition as well as premonitory dreams;
      • Promotes sleep.