How do we use it?

It is from the 19th week of pregnancy that the baby hears the first sounds. The bola melody will accompany your baby throughout his development to allow him to calm down and relax. When he is born, you can keep the bola by hanging it on his stroller or in a cuddly toy adapted for him. The bola not only has positive effects on your child, but also on you.

Prepare your ritual

The pregnancy bola ritual is a set of gentle and simple gestures that you can practice alone or with your spouse. It's a great way to include her more in your pregnancy.

Before telling you more about the ritual of the Pregnancy Bola, it is important to remember that this jewel must be worn around the neck with sufficient length so that it falls at the level of your belly.

The Bola ritual is indeed an important moment of relaxation and meditation, which you can spend alone with your child or accompanied by your partner, your first children or any other person close to you whom you wish to include more in your pregnancy.

In order to make the most of this moment of relaxation where you will create a bond with your child, we invite you to put yourself in a position where you are comfortable, with dimmed light and of course without a screen and with a minimum noises around you.

The Bola Ritual

The ritual consists of 4 very simple steps that we detail below:

  1. The first movement consists of placing a hand on your heart and, to the rhythm of your beats, move your bola back and forth, in the palm of your other hand.
  2. The second movement is to roll the bola over your stomach from the bottom up . With one hand placed on your belly, try to distinguish the movements of your child who reacts to the ritual.
  3. The third movement is a pendulum movement . Like the second movement, it involves rolling the pregnancy bola , but this time from right to left (or vice versa) while placing one hand on your lower belly.
  4. Finally, the last and fourth movement is a mixture of the last two. Catch the chain of your jewelry at the level of the chest and make rotational movements to draw like an imaginary circle at the level of your belly.

Because each pregnancy is unique and out of time and creating a bond with your baby is not only after birth. Fall for our Bolas to accompany you on this adventure.